Indoor Cycling Instructors Reveal Their Go-To Tricks for Powering Through Class

Get the most out of your 45 minutes with pro tips that will take your ride to a whole new level

Cassie Shortsleeve | Jan 18, 2016

Crush Your Next Spin Class

It's no secret that we all love indoor cycling. In fact, end-of-year data from fitness class booking app ClassPass suggests that on the East Coast, it's one of the hottest ways to move. That makes sense: Sweating up a storm to carefully curated playlists almost always beats the stormy weather that usually comes with Northeast winters, right?

But spinning isn't easy—and just gliding along to the beat won't change your body. So we tapped spin instructors around the country to find out how to power through every time, keep your mind in the game, and finish class with no regrets (and a solid workout in the books). Steal their tips to up your game on the bike this winter. (And check out 30 Thoughts You Have In An Indoor Cycling Class.)

Get In the Zone Beforehand

"'Getting in the zone' for me doesn't start when I clip into the pedals or press play on my first track. It's in the walk I take from my apartment to the studio. The moment I strap on my sneakers and plug in my headphones, I've totally committed to making the most of the 45-minute spin class. You're a lot less likely to optimize the physical and mental benefits of your workout when you're running through your To Do list or stressing over something that happened in work. Taking 10 to 20 minutes for yourself to clear your head before your sweat sesh can pay off tremendously." —Elyse Winer, Recycle Studio in Boston, MA

Fuel Right


"I teach four 6 a.m. classes a week, so in the morning on my way to the studio, I usually drink a cold pressed juice. It's quick and easy energy to fuel my movement." —Lena Rakijian, R.D., The Handle Bar in Boston, MA


Sit In the Front Row


"Sitting in the front row of class automatically makes you more committed to the workout. When you're tired, you are way more likely to push through when you're visible to the instructor and the class than when you're hiding in the back." —Sydney Miller, SoulCycle in New York, NY

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